trio42's Debut Album 'Destination' is now for sale!

About Destination: In the nineteenth century, Liszt was constantly transcribing his own work and that of other composers.Trio42 by sheer necessity follows in his footsteps, undaunted by musical conventions and common preconceptions about transcriptions. As
a matter of fact, because they are necessitated to closely examine and arrange every note, they develop an even closer engagement in everything they play. This is one of the foundations of their unique sound and musical interaction.

Thus Christiaan translates the sounds of a lyrical violin in Shostakovich and plays
the connective part of a cello in Ibert, giving the saxophone an original and
unprecedented role in chamber music. Merel in her turn enables her violin
to resonate the magnificent melodies of Glinka and surprises with unexpected
colours in Milhaud’s Brasileira. Remy finally defies the boundaries of his harp
in Franck’s scintillating trio, demonstrating that the harp is not an instrument to

Destination embodies the search, arrangements, rehearsals and performance of three people who aspire to make music that touches the soul. Whether
an actual destination can be found remains uncertain. Making the journey is however sufficiently miraculous and beautiful in itself. This recording gives you the opportunity to join trio42 in their travels, through which one thing you can be certain of.

This is something you have never heard before.


Sold out!

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Mikhael Glinka (1804–1857)
Three Russian Songs
I. Elegy: Moderato (2.58)
II. Lullaby: Moderato – Animato (3.06)
III. Romance: Andante Mosso (4.39)

César Franck (1822–1890)
Trio in fis kl.t. Op 1, no. 1
Andante con moto (13.03)

Jacques Ibert (1890-1962)
I. Allegro tranquillo (5.06)
II. Andante sostenuto (5.40)
III. Scherzando con moto (4.06)

Dimitri Sjostakovitsj (1906–1975)
Five Pieces
I. Prelude (2.00)
II. Gavotte (1.38)
III. Elegy (2.33)
IV. Waltz (1.43)
V. Polka (1.37)

Darius Milhaud (1892-1974)
Brasileira (Mouvement de Samba) (2.42)