London Tour

This June, trio42 will make its debut at the Big Smoke!

Flyer UK

We will be playing our new programme “THE ICE MAIDEN”, telling the story of the gruesome fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, used by Stravinsky in its ballet “The Fairy’s Kiss”, in which love and death fight each other in a beautiful, frigid winter.

The programme includes one of Debussy’s most beautiful chamber music works, Russian expressiveness from Swan Lake, and the UK Premiere of “The Frozen Lake”, composed by Argentinian composer Carlos Micháns.

Even though it is midsummer in London, get mesmerized by this winter musical fairytale!

Dates & venues:
18 June, 1pm: Lunch concert at Lincoln’s Inn details
19 June, 7:30: Concert at The Forge (Camden) details
20 June, 7:30: Concert at the Dutch Centre (7 Austin Friars) details
21 June, 6pm: Concert at the National Gallery (Room 43) details

We look forward to seeing you there!

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