World Premiere ‘The Frozen Lake’

Winter has come. Outside it’s frosty and cold, but we are all hot under the collar. This Sunday we will premiere Carlos Micháns’ new composition ‘The Frozen Lake’, which was written for trio42! It will be part of our new ‘Ice Maiden’ programme, telling the story of the gruesome fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, in which love and death fight each other in a beautiful, frigid winter.

At the beginning of our own long winter Mr. Micháns finished our latest acquisition. And now it’s our turn! “Although I do not usually write programmatic music, the audience often say they find my music quite visual. In ‘The Frozen Lake’ this was definitely my intention”, the composer says. The composition has exciting titles for the different movements such as Reflections, Skating Ghost, The Lake Melts…
You are very welcome to join us at the premiere, this Sunday the 27th of January 2013 in Diemen, The Netherlands!

Update: A warm applause from the audience, just after the premiere of The Frozen Lake (composer Micháns on the right).

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